In a world of globalization, innovation, mobility and connectivity, all industries are changing permanently and with it the complexity in development and engineering. Therefore, education has to keep up this accelerating pace and equip open minded, flexible and motivated individuals with skills, vision and competence – young engineers who are characterized not only by outstanding technical competence, but also by their communicativeness and ability to work in a team. As a multi- and interdisciplinary field, the automotive world can be exploited only through teamwork, due to the complexity of processes for designing, developing and industrializing modern vehicles.


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Turbo Assisted Automotive Engineering Education (TAAEE)

In a student engineering educational process related to the automotive industry at TUCN, an educational model was proposed, developed, and applied to increase students’ practical skills of learned theory.

The model is called Turbo Assisted Automotive Engineering Education (TAAEE). Like a combustion engine whose functional performance is improved up to 35-40% by using a turbocharging system, the educational model is designed to increase vocational training by amplifying practical skills and social abilities. The permanent connection between theory and practice makes the education system highly efficient for every single student. While for example participating in international race car competitions, internships in the automotive industry, dissertation papers nominated and proposed by companies or workshops on specialized topics, the students learn to see the bigger picture and to think outside the box.

The purpose of using the TAAEE model in the engineering educational process is to achieve a strong direct link between theory and practice and to develop students’ competences, contemporary attributes required by the modern automotive industry.


The scholarship program supported by Porsche Engineering Romania is destined to Automotive Engineering students who are accustomed to think laterally and love taking on new challenges. Bachelor and master students on the designated lines of studies at the Automotive Engineering and Transportation Department from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca have the opportunity to apply for the scholarship and join the diverse and exciting world of Porsche Engineering.

Thinker in projects, share experience, get the connection between theory and practice – everything is combined in this scholarship. The purpose is to motivate and support the best students to become highly trained automotive engineers who will shape the automotive future.

Porsche Corner

This space is a dedicated place in the university where discussions and exchanges between students as well as between students and professionals take place. They can share their interest and enthusiasm for mobility in the automotive world at a ramp up platform for innovation - the so-called Porsche Corner. The purpose is to create a perfect environment where products designed by engineers from Porsche Engineering come into contact with young fresh minds of the students and vice versa.


  • Monday, July 24, 2017, admission interview to the master Advanced Techniques in Automotive Engineering.
  • Friday, October 21, 2016, the list of final grades from the scholarship evaluation. First 15th candidates were qualified for the scholarship. Congratulations to all candidates!
  • [Grades List]

  • Friday, October 21, 2016, starting at 9 will be interviewed for selection of candidates for the award of scholarships Porsche in Room D08A, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering. Participation interview candidates will be in alphabetical order.
  • [Interview Schedule]

  • Registration for the Bachelor Scholarship program starts on 1st October 2016 and ends on 15th October 2016. The scholarship is designated to the Automotive Engineering students for the IV year from the Automotive Engineering and Transportation Department. For registration and selection criteria please visit the designated link on this webpage. For details and questions in 10th October 2016 between 11.50 - 12.10 there will be a meeting in Room D08a - Porsche Corner.
  • The education and research protocol has been signed on July 13, 2016 together with Porsche Engineering Romania at the Automotive Engineering and Transportation Department from the Technical University of Cluj-Napoca. During the ceremony, several officials from the university and Porsche Engineering were present, including Rector - Prof.Phd.Eng. Vasile Topa, Senate President – Prof.Phd.Eng. Nicolae Burnete, Education Program Coordinator - Prof.Dr.Habil.Eng. Bogdan Ovidiu Varga and Mr. Malte Radmann - Co-managing Director Porsche Engineering GmbH, Mr. Dirk Lappe - Co-managing Director Porsche Engineering GmbH, Mr. Dirk Philipp - Managing Director Porsche Engineering Romania and Marius Mihailovici – Branch Manager Porsche Engineering Romania.